Until recently, chlorine and other harsh chemicals have been the only types of products available for washing produce in commercial processing facilities. However, chlorine can release harmful gases, increasing worker injuries resulting in lost time, and requires constant fresh water to keep the wash solution clean. And even with all of that, chlorine can’t do its job in the presence of a heavy soil load, which is exactly what exists when produce is grown in the ground and enters the wash system. With Europe already moving away from chlorine, it’s time for all of us to say goodbye to washing produce with harsh chemicals.

Fit is now available for commercial produce processing applications. Fit kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria -- like E. Coli, Salmonella sp., Staphylococcus aureus, and Listeria – that have been associated with food-borne illness, and is only for use on cut chopped, sliced and other processed produce in commercial produce processing facilities. Fit is 100% Natural, and unlike chlorine or other harsh chemicals, is completely safe to use. Fit rinses away clean, leaving no aftertaste or smell…just the taste and nutrition that nature intended.

Independent studies confirm that Fit outperforms chlorine and other oxidizers in real world processing conditions, and can become an important part of your Food Safety Program.



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