FIT Organic®, unlike other so-called "natural" brands, is certified USDA organic and contains no synthetic detergents and no artificial surfactants of any kind. With FIT Organic, you get the best of both worlds: premium performing cleaning products using only safe, naturally derived ingredients.



FIT Organic to Donate Mosquito Repellent to Harvey Victims

September 20, 2017

FIT Organic, a company that makes certified organic household products, has announced that it will be donating their organic mosquito repellent to victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.FIT Organic Mosquito Repellent - now 50% off to help the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and IrmaThe company will be donating over 1200 bottles of organic mosquito repellent, valued at over $12,000, to Matthew 25 Ministries, who will distribute the product to those who need it most in the greater Houston area.Residents of the greater Houston area can also receive a 50% discount if they order the mosquito repellent off the FIT Organic website ( using the discount code: "HOUSTON".While water levels may be receding in Texas, the threat of water borne diseases...

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The Honest Truth About So-Called "Natural" Products

March 11, 2016

There has recently been a lot of press about natural cleaning brands and the ingredients they use. As a Chemical Engineer with over 20 years of experience formulating laundry detergents and other cleaning products, I feel the need to set the record straight on the science behind the marketing spin. The Wall Street Journal has recently reported Jessica Alba's Honest Company is using chemicals that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (abbreviated as "SLS") when in fact Honest claims on their packaging the products are "SLS free." Honest uses a blend of chemicals called "Sodium Coco Sulfate" or "SCS" as their main cleaning ingredient in products such as their laundry detergent, multi-surface cleaner, and hand dish products. These ingredients are commonly known...

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