FIT Organic provides a unique approach to cleaning your home. Unlike other "Natural" brands, FIT Organic products contain NO SYNTHETIC DETERGENTS and NO ARTIFICIAL SURFACTANTS of any kind.

FIT Organic is different!  We make organic soaps the way it was done over a hundred years ago.  We start with only certified organic plant-based oils and mix them together with natural minerals to create our unique formulas.

We go way beyond just "Natural" - all of our products are CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC by the prestigious Oregon Tilth Company (OTCO).  This means you can safely use our products knowing you aren't exposing yourself or your loved ones to harmful chemicals, as well as preventing more polluting chemicals from entering our environment.

We are also proudly a cruelty-free company, that is, we conduct no animal testing what-so-ever. We also use non-GMO ingredients for all of our products.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has reviewed all of our certified USDA organic cleaning products, and we have received an "A" report card!

We not only promise the organic certification, we also promise our products will clean well! Have you noticed that no other "natural" brand actually promises good cleaning performance?  That's because they can't!  FIT Organic promises the best of both worlds: best in class cleaning, while also being certified USDA Organic.