Food Service

Food Service

Food Safety... Now More Than Ever

Fit Antibacterial Fruit & Vegetable Wash removes 99.9% of harmful bacteria -- like E. Coli, Salmonella sp., Staphylococcus aureus, and Listeria – that have been associated with food-borne illness, and is only for use on cut chopped, sliced and other processed produce. Fit is 100% Natural, and unlike chlorine or other harsh chemicals, is completely safe to use. FIT rinses away clean, leaving no aftertaste or smell… just the taste and nutrition that nature intended.

Fit is the only produce wash certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union, certified vegan, and recommended by the American Vegetarian Association. Fit is also endorsed by the Metabolic Code Diet™ and recommended by Laura LaValle, Registered Dietitian and Chief Clinical Nutritionist for the LaValle Metabolic Institute.

If you are a foodservice operator, Fit can serve as an integral part of your Food Safety Program/HACCP Plan. If you are a consumer, look for restaurants and other establishments that use Fit to make sure that your produce is cleaner than nature intended.


Watching the news today is a constant reminder that serving fresh produce in a restaurant, school, healthcare facility or other commercial food service establishment is not the same anymore. Produce has to be washed and cleaned before it is served to your customers. One illness among your patrons is one too many,
and can ruin your establishment forever.

Published Studies

Repeated food-borne illness outbreaks resulting from produce have proven that current chlorine sanitizers have failed. The industry consensus is that chlorine needs to be replaced. The peer-reviewed and published studies shown here prove that Fit's 100% Natural formula provides superior performance vs. chlorine. Fit removes 99.9% of harmful bacteria, like e.coli and salmonella which have been associated with food-borne illness, and is only for use on cut, chopped, peeled and other processed produce in commercial foodservice establishments. Click on the links below for the full study designs and results. You will see that they speak for themselves.

Efficacy of Fit and Chlorine Dioxide on Pathogen Control in Fresh Potatoes

Comparison of Fit and Chlorine for Effectiveness in Killing Salmonella and E. coli O157:H7

Efficacy of Fit in Killing Salmonella on the Surface of Tomatoes

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