Help prevent food-borne illness and kill 99.9% of bacteria with FIT® Fresh

Help prevent food-borne illness and kill 99.9% of bacteria with FIT® Fresh

Introducing FIT® Fresh Anti-Microbial Produce Wash with Pure ClO2

Kills 99.9% of bacteria, helps keep produce safe and improve your bottom line

Mason, Ohio — Kill 99.9 percent of foodborne pathogens with new FIT® Fresh Anti-Microbial Produce Wash with Pure ClO2. Todd Wichmann, Founder, President and CEO of HealthPro Brands, Inc., will unveil FIT® Fresh at the 2018 United FreshMKT Expo, June 25-27 in Chicago.

Dangers and costs of foodborne disease

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that one in six Americans gets sick each year from foodborne illness*. That equals 48 million people, 3,000 of whom die. Food recalls cost companies an average of $10 million in direct costs alone, with some cases reporting costs exceeding $100 million in direct and indirect costs. The blow from lost consumer confidence is even worse: after a recall, 20 percent of consumers would never again buy any product from the specific manufacturer.† You can’t afford NOT to harness the power of pure chlorine dioxide, ClO2, to help keep your processing facilities free of spoilage organisms. 

Powerful efficacy, low toxicity, extended shelf life

FIT® Fresh uses pure chlorine dioxide, a powerful oxidizer without the corrosive or toxic levels of other sanitizers. Pure chlorine dioxide enables food processors to provide the cleanest possible environment without damaging materials, irritating staff or affecting foods. And by reducing mold and bacteria, you can help safeguard your organization against costly recalls.

Trusted and approved

Approved and registered with the FDA, EPA and OMRI, FIT® Fresh prevents 99.9 percent of foodborne pathogens such as E. coliListeriaSalmonella sp  and  Staphylococcus aureus on fruits and vegetables. FIT® Fresh is approved for use on both conventional produce as well as certified organic produce.


  • FIT®Fresh is gentle on users and materials: no need for PPE
  • Easy to use: just add water. No rinse required
  • Product dispensed through automated system
  • Cost-effective. One gallon makes 350 gallons of solution
  • Sanitizes 99.9 percent of hard, non-porous food contact surfaces 

2018 United FreshMkt Expo

Look for FIT® Fresh at FIT Organic®, Booth #1121, right across the aisle from RFG, and between Produce Careers Inc. and WIN.

HealthPro Brands, Inc. offers the FIT® and FIT® Fresh brands of vegetable and fruit wash for use in home, food service and industrial settings. The patented formula uses ingredients from natural sources to help remove dirt, wax, pesticide residues and other soils from fresh fruits and vegetables. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Mason, Ohio.

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 FIT® is a registered trademark of HealthPro Brands Inc.