Fit Organic Launches Certified USDA Organic Baby Laundry Detergent

Fit Organic Launches Certified USDA Organic Baby Laundry Detergent
Fit Organic today announced the launch of its certified USDA Organic Baby Laundry Detergent. The newest product in its Certified USDA Organic product line, Fit Organic Baby Laundry Detergent is specially formulated to be safe on a baby's sensitive skin with no harsh cleaning chemicals, no dyes, or artificial perfumes whatsoever. Because the formula is certified USDA Organic, this pioneering formula contains no sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or other skin irritating chemicals which is a first in the marketplace.

All of Fit Organic's cleaning products are made using a traditional soap making process the way it was done more than a hundred years ago, before synthetic detergents took over. Instead of using animal fats & oils, Fit Organic uses only certified organic plant oils and extracts, and mixes them together with natural minerals to create unique organic soaps. But unlike homemade natural bar soaps, Fit Organic formulas stay in a clear and pourable liquid form.  The products are also certified Vegan and Animal Cruelty Free by the Leaping Bunny Organization.

"We are particularly proud to introduce the Fit Organic Baby Laundry Detergent, as it fills a critical and currently unmet need for parents and babies," said Todd Wichmann, CEO & Founder of HealthPro Brands, the maker of Fit Organic products. 

"We understand parents have a lot of decisions to make when preparing for the new addition to their family, and may be overwhelmed and confused by claims about supposed 'natural' products. Unfortunately, many of these brands actually include harsh ingredients such as SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), enzymes, and synthetic toxic preservatives. Our product represents the culmination of our efforts to create a baby laundry detergent that truly delivers on what we think parents have the right to expect from an organic brand, without compromising quality and value."

Artificial chemicals such as SLS are known skin irritants, which can be very harmful on the delicate skin of a newborn baby, and are found in many other baby laundry brands.  Fit Organic provides a new fresh choice for moms who want to use something truly different to clean their baby clothes.

Fit Organic Baby Detergent is the only baby detergent designated as "Certified USDA Organic" that is made using HealthPro's proprietary soap making process. Products with the Certified USDA Organic symbol have gone through a rigorous process to ensure they meet strict standards, do not contain harmful chemicals (like SLS), and must be comprised of at least 95% or higher organically produced ingredients.  []. Unlike unregulated "natural" products, all certified organic products have to be audited, inspected, and approved by third party agencies such as the reputable Oregon Tilth Company (OTCO). 

"When parents read the Fit Organic Baby Laundry Detergent label, we want them to understand and trust the ingredients," said Wichmann. "The fact is, the use of the word 'natural' is not regulated and many contain synthetic surfactants and other unnatural harsh chemicals that can exacerbate skin issues, eczema, psoriasis, or lead to early asthma and allergies, not to mention being harmful to the environment. In fact, many 'natural' brands of detergents and cleaners use the same chemical ingredients as popular commercial brands – they just use different labeling. The Fit Organic certifications mean you can safely use our products knowing you aren't exposing yourself or your loved ones to any harmful chemicals, and we are the only laundry detergent in the United States who can honestly say this."

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