Repellent Testimonials


@bunnies&honey This video is about just how well the fit bug repellent works!



Kim Maupin Ordered this and love it. It definitely works. So I shared my extra bottles with my family. Seriously best stuff ever and we have cattle farms so being outdoors is a must. Thank you for an organic great product!


Cinnamon Colbert I'm on our 5th bottle. This is the ONLY product that has worked for myself and 4 little boys. I've tried at least 20 different essential oil, all natural, organic versions and none have worked until I took a leap of faith and tried this. Now I have one in my purse, car, diaper bag and boat.


Holly Stokes I used it in the middle of the Maine woods right on the Saco river (which is low and perfect mosquito breeding grounds) for 3 days 2 nights and only received 1 horsefly bite on the palm of my hand not a single mosquito.


Rebekah Owens This bug spray is amazing! I live in Louisiana where the mosquito is the state bird :) Even checking the mailbox, I am attacked by bugs! I just spent about an hour outside and could see the bugs flying all around me. But I did not get a single bite!!! This is truly a miracle product, and the lemony smell is a bonus! I'm keeping one in my bag at all times! Thank you thank you!!!


Katie Ann I love this product. I am pregnant and use it constantly. No bites and the smell is great! I actually get compliments on the smell, but it definitely keeps the bugs away!


Natural remedy that actually works! Love the lemongrass smell even if it can be a bit overwhelming. Doesn't matter because it repels bugs like a charm. I can sit on my porch and enjoy a beverage without being eaten alive this summer. And it's nice to know that I'm not absorbing all sorts of toxic chemicals through my skin.
- Hilby 


Kristine Comito My daughter gets a horrible reaction to mosquito bites but thank God since using this product she has been clear!



Brittney Bigler Dickson Please tell me the Organic Mosquito Repellent will be available all year long or at least next summer? it's incredible affective and smells amazing !!


Erica Jameson We approve! It has a very strong lemongrass scent. Hubby used it to mow the lawn and no bites; However, I'm thinking the scent might be a wee bit much for our 2 year old.


Works great! Not one bite while I had it on Works great! Not one bite while I had it on. Has a nice scent too, not your typical bug spray smell. Planning on ordering a second bottle to leave in my car.
- Ryan Lemmel


Katelin Anderson My daughter and I both have pretty sensitive skin and I used it on her and she was fine! She is 3 months old and I was having a hard time finding a bug spray I felt comfortable using on her. I tested it on her heel first and then just did one spray on her front side and one spray on her back side..didn't see any mosquitos on her. The scent is so light and it doesn't get sticky on the skin like other sprays. Can't wait until y'all sell it in stores.grass scent. Hubby used it to mow the lawn and no bites; However, I'm thinking the scent might be a wee bit much for our 2 year old.


Ashley Hancock We love this so much. It smells amazing. We photograph for a living and offer it to our clients at shoots. We're turning more people on to organic products!


Demi C. Standifur We bought this and it has worked well so far in the humid NC summer so far. Bugs have been awful and if I don't apply this before going out then I will come back with at least 4-5 bug bites on my legs. I wanted something more natural for our daughter too and use it on her when it's too hot for pants. Only downfall is it's very potent, we have to apply it outside or the scent lingers. My husband says it smells like pinesol but I don't mind the scent so bad. Overall 4/5 thank you!


Becki Schilling Droege We used this in Haiti and not a single bite on all 4 of us took it to camp and let 2 counsellors & 2 SDPs (plus her rock climbing group) use it who said they were amazed cause it was the only week they didn't get bit...


Ellen Vader Hunt It works! I live in Texas and get eaten alive usually, but this has worked wonderfully for me.


Carrie Mayle Lemmel It really does work! I have been using it for a few weeks, and have not got one single bite while I have it on.


Judy Wood Cunningham Cox Thankfully, my order of Fit Organic Mosquito Repellent came in the mail on Friday, just before we left for our friends' cabin on Lake Cumberland for the weekend. I shared it with all of my friends as we boated during the days and sat outside at the cabin after dark in the evenings. We had NO BITES! I felt comfortable spraying it on my skin, because I didn't have to worry about any toxic ingredients, and the fragrance was pleasant. Thank you for a safe and effective product!


Rebecca DeDomenico
FIT Organic Mosquito Repellent! We are absolutely loving this product! This product has the most amazing smell! If you love the smell of Lemongrass Oil you will love this. FIT Organic Mosquito Repellent is USDA Organic, DEET Free and Picaridin Free. This product can be used on anyone including children and pregnant women. I have a couple family members including ourselves that have been using this product and we have been mosquito bite free.


Cyndi Nern Just used the Fit Organic today for the first time . We live in Florida so we have ALOT of flying bugs. I used the product on myself, husband and two toddlers; NONE OF THE BUGS WOULD COME NEAR US! The smell of the spray was really strong. That 's the only negative I have about the spray, but once it wears off a bit it smells nice. I definitely recommend this product. So happy that there is finally an organic mosquito spray!


Carrie Wichmann Schaaf Terrible mosquitoes in Houston with all of the rain. I've been using my Fit repellent and am loving it!


Melissa Pagano I bought this and tried it for the first time last night whole I was out walking. I'm 16 weeks pregnant and I have a toddler. I actually saw mosquitoes around me but I was not bitten once!!! They were big mosquitoes too but they never landed on me. I'd say this product is great!!!


Kat Dotson Ryan We love your product and have several bottles throughout our home and vehicles. Thanks for loving our families enough to create such an amazing product.


Izzy Senki My bottles arrived at work today, here in the Virgin Islands. We've just had a ton of rain & mesquites are terrible. I have sprayed myself down and so far no bites for the past 2 hours. HOORAY!


Lotus House
We at the Lotus House are so grateful for our partnership with Fit Organic, keeping us mosquito-free during such a high risk time! On top of everything else, our guests love how wonderful the Fit Organic repellent smells! Thanks to everyone at Fit for your donation.


Danielle Unruh I received mine on Monday took the kids out Tuesday night for about 30 mins and used the FIT mosquito repellent and not one bite! Also my baby didn't seemed bothered by it her skin stayed normal color as apposed to turning red when I applied other bug sprays


Nicki Hilshorst I love the Fit Organic Mosquito Repellent!! I was actually able to go to a cookout and come home with zero bites!!! It works and smells great and has no harmful chemicals. Thank you!


Amanda Miller My family has had to avoid being in our backyard for the last half of the summer because the mosquitos are so bad. I feel just awful that my three year old can't play outdoors without being covered with toxic chemicals so we just stayed indoors. Until now!! After seeing your ads on Facebook for the last month, I saw a free shipping promotion and figured I'd take a chance on your product. We tried it for the first time today, after two weeks of heavy rain and the yard looking like a mosquito infested jungle; the perfect test! And you passed!! It smells great, it's not greasy, is not full of hazardous chemicals, AND ... the mosquitos HATE it!! Thank you!! With much appreciation, - The Miller Family

Ivy Asbury I used your product tonight in south GA, and just want to start by saying that it seems like mosquitos travel thousands of miles just to suck my blood, but tonight after liberally spraying FIT I was not bitten once! This is amazing! Thank you guys.


Melanie Houser Pagano Bought the repellent, laundry soap and dishwasher soap. Love them all! The repellent smells nice and works amazing. I normally get eaten alive and I have yet to get a single bite while using this. Amazing!!


Shannon Smith It does have a scent, but it actually smells very good. My 3 year old son has a toxic reaction to mosquito bites. I have bought several different types of spray but this one seems to be working great so far. I applied this to his skin in his classroom when I dropped him off at preschool and his teacher said that it smelled wonderful. Same thing at soccer practice. Several people around said that it smelled great for a mosquito repellant!


Sarah Bonilla This stuff is amazing. We attract mosquitos like crazy and this product keeps them all away. Got it for the baby but we all use it!


Lisa Baker Vitucci Their customer service is AMAZING! Used this on myself and my kids while visiting our local nature center and not one bite!! Two thumbs up from my family. FYI, my daughter is a mosquito magnet!!


Laura K Hafferty i got mine in the mail today, sprayed it all over me & the kids just as we got to the nature preserve. i walked through a cloud of mosquitoes and they hovered a few inches above my arm.... i held my arm up to them, like "go ahead ... bite me!" and they just flew away! i couldn't believe it. anyway, it smelled nice, feels nice on the skin, i would say i am very pleased with the product! :)


Rachel Pires My husband and I were outside last night for 2 hours boarding up the front windows of our house (the one section that doesn't have hurricane windows). We doused ourselves in Fit Organic, and I'm happy to say we did not get one mosquito bite. There were tons out there. Not even one bite though! This stuff definitely works :)